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Victoria Watson


Victoria was born and raised in the UK. She was one of the first women on the
floor of Lloyds of London, and is a trained psychosynthesis therapist. After she
and Ian married, they spent a lot of time travelling and exploring together,
including being early Western tourists into a recently re-opened China. They also
lived in Zermatt, Martha’s Vineyard, Aspen, Marin County and Vancouver
amongst other places.

Victoria is a fundraising coach and long-time philanthropist, and has worked with
leaders of a variety of charities and not-for-profit organisations with which the
family is involved. Victoria also runs the philanthropic side of the family office, the
Watson Foundation of which Ian and Lucinda are also Directors.

Victoria is a Board Member of Hollyhock, on the Advisory Board of PYE Global,
an Advisor to the Well Being Project and a Member of the Global Ashoka Support
Network. She is also a life Director of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, where she
was previously the Vice Chair.

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